Wide Width Dance Shoes

Wide Width Dance Shoes

As dancers, we know that we need shoes that fit our feet perfectly while giving us the freedom to move. Many dance shoes seem to have a narrow fit, and while that works well for dancers with narrow or standard width feet, it doesn’t work so well if your feet are a little wider than normal. And that’s why we offer a range of women’s wide width dance shoes here at Burju because we believe that every dancer’s shoes should be as well-fitting and as comfortable as possible. + Read More

Need Wide Width Dance Shoes?

While some ranges of dance shoes do offer options in wider widths, you may find that there’s a limited amount of styles available. This is not the case at Burju. We have one of the best selections of of wide width Latin dance shoes together with women’s ballroom dance shoes in wide width available online, so you don’t have to resign yourself to boring dancing shoes just because your feet may be wider than the average.

An Amazing Selection of Women’s Wide Width Dance Shoes

Whether your first love is ballroom, or you have a penchant for the Tango or Salsa, you’ll be able to find a pair of shoes at Burju. We’ve made it possible for dancers with wider feet to access dance shoes that don’t just fit like a glove but that look stunning too. We incorporate clever features such as elasticated straps and adjustable lace-up fastenings so that you can fit the shoe or boot to your foot exactly without any feelings of tightness or the possibility of your footwear restricting your ability to perform the steps correctly.

However, at Burju, we always go one step further and so it’s not enough for us to simply provide a range of wide fit shoes for dancers. We also offer you the ability to customize your shoes for a perfect fit. Whether you need a slightly higher or lower heel, a different color, a rubber rather than a suede sole or an extra long strap, we can provide the shoes you need. And, as you would expect, you’ll still get all the same practical and functional features as you would if you bought standard shoes, including supported arches, ultra-comfort insoles, fast release buckles and adjustable laces.

How to Choose Your New Wide Width Dance Shoes

It doesn’t matter whether you’re buying standard fit dance shoes or shoes to fit wider feet, there are still a couple of rules to follow when choosing and trying on your footwear.

  • The shoes need to be snug but not too tight. You may find that you need either a half or full size bigger to accommodate your feet.
  • Choose the heel height that you feel comfortable wearing. It may be that you’re a new dancer and would prefer a lower heel until you get the technical aspects under your belt.
  • Your choice of sole will depend on whether you only intend to wear the shoes indoors or whether you also want to wear them outdoors.
  • Whether you choose open toes or closed toes will depend on the type of dance. Open toes are often preferred by Latin dancers as they help to accentuate the movement of your feet and toes, while closed-toe shoes are usually preferred by ballroom dancers.

However, if you do have any questions about choosing the right size or about any of our wide width salsa dance shoes or ballroom shoes, get in touch with our customer services team who will be more than happy to help. - Read Less