White Dance Shoes

Dancing is one of the best hobbies or activities there is. This superb sport is excellent for your overall health and can boost your confidence dramatically as you master different dance styles. 

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White Dance Shoes

It is so important to wear good quality dance shoes when you take up this hobby or sport. Dance shoes are specially manufactured with special outer souls that enhance traction as you move and these shoes have strengthened heels and designs that allow you to perform various dance poses without snapping your shoes in two. The special design and comfortable fit of our white dance shoes reduces pain and blisters on your feet as you practice for hours on end.

Beautiful White Dance Shoes Available

At Burju shoes we sell a wide range of fine quality dance shoes including white ballroom dance shoes. These white shoes may be pretty but they sure are tough and they will compliment your ballroom outfit spectacularly.

Buy Any Type of White Dance Shoe At Burju

You can shop for a variety of beautiful white shoes online from our website. Burju Shoes specializes in ladies dance shoes, and we distribute all types and styles of dance shoes in different sizes and heights. You can look out for any of the following dance shoe types in all sorts of different white fabrics and materials when you shop from our website;

  • White platform shoes
  • White boots
  • White lace-up boots
  • White flats
  • White stilettos
  • White strappy shoes
  • White lace shoes
  • White velvet shoes
  • White silk shoes
  • White leather shoes
  • White vegan shoes

Burju shoes distribute across the US, and we offer free shipping on US orders that exceed $100 to various locations. We also ship our fine quality shoes internationally and offer flat shipping of $20.

How to Take Care of White Dance Shoes

Dance shoes are more expensive than your average fashion shoe because they are designed with extra strength and to fit your foot shape much better in order to offer maximum support. It is only natural to want your dance shoes to stay in good shape for as long as possible. Here are a few good tips to help you keep your white shoes spot and stain free and in excellent condition.

Store your shoes properly - White dance shoes can easily get stained by dust even if your shoes are in the closet. Store your dance shoes in a closed shoebox or container in order to prevent dust, dirt, grime and other messes from settling onto your beautiful shoes. It is also important not to stuff your shoes into a box all fumbled because they can crack on the folds if you keep them in storage for too long. You should prop your shoes correctly by adding wrapped stuffing to the shoe in order to keep it in great condition. 

Only wear on the dance floor - Our dance shoes are pretty tough and are perfect for fashion, but it is best to reserve your white shoes for the dance floor. Don’t walk outside where these shoes can get dirty.

Dry-clean your shoes - It is best not to use strong chemicals or water on your dance shoes. These elements can stain your shoes or cause them to break. Send your white shoes to the dry cleaners where they can remove all dust, spot, and dirt from y our shoes professionally with no damage to your shoes.

For more care tips for white shoes or to learn more about our products, we welcome you to give our offices a call so you can speak to our friendly staff.


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