Velvet Lace up Heels

Do you love to dance? Footwear plays a huge role in this exciting and beautiful pastime. Without the right type of shoes, you cannot perform at your best, you will feel off balance, are much more likely to slip and fall and your feet can become terribly painful and bruised.

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Velvet Lace up Heels For Sale

At Burju shoes we are just as passionate about beautiful footwear as we are about dancing and that is exactly why we sell the finest quality dance shoes available right now.

Fine Quality Velvet Lace up Heels for Sale

Velvet heels are some of the best shoes you can possibly choose if you need a beautiful pair of shoes that can stand lots of wear. You can buy the finest velvet shoes directly from our website. We sell a range of velvet shoes in different colors and sizes. You can also find all sorts of velvet shoe types such as velvet pumps, lace-up velvet heels, velvet stilettos, velvet high heels and much more. 

How to Care for Your Velvet Dance Shoes

Velvet shoes are tough for wear but fragile when it comes to water and cleaning agents. You should never plunge these fine quality shoes into the washing machine. If you want your velvet shoes to remain beautiful for a long time to come, then you should adhere to the following basic care tips.

Store your shoes properly - It is important to store your velvet shoes in a shoe box or closed container when not in use. Dust can settle into the velvet fabrics and will make your shoes look dirty and dusty. Don’t squish your dance shoes into a container. Choose a spacious shoe box and support your shoes by stuffing them with fumbled paper to prevent folds in the fabric.

Use a damp cloth - You can rub down dust and dirt from your shoes with a damp cloth and natural or non-chemical cleaning products such as dry cleaning fluid on the fabric. Allow your shoes to properly dry before gently rubbing the shoes back into shape with a soft velvet brush.

Use a dry cleaner - The best way to properly clean and care for dirty velvet shoes is to hand them in at the dry cleaners. These cleaning companies use gentle cleaning methods that won’t damage the gentle, yet beautiful velvet fabric on your shoes. Dry cleaning is the preferred cleaning method for any type of stains or dirt on your shoes. 

Buy Velvet Shoes Online

Burju Shoes is a very popular shoe distributor. This is good for you because you can select such a huge variety of fine quality velvet dance shoes, but it also means that our latin dance shoes are sold out quickly.

 If you want to buy our beautiful velvet dance shoes, then we suggest you keep an eye on our website for all the latest shoe releases so you can buy these shoes online before they are sold out.

Burju shoes distribute velvet shoes across the US and we also ship our shoes internationally. We offer free shipping on US orders over $100 and flat rate of $20 on international orders.

For the best looking and finest quality velvet shoes, we welcome you to give our superb ranges a try. 

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