Slim Heel

Some might say that shoes convey the very essence of our sense of self when we step out into the world. This also holds true when we make our way onto the dance floor. From the moment you step out, whether it is in a slim heel or a pair of lace up chunky heels, you are making a statement about who you are when you’re in the spotlight. + Read more

Women's Slim Heels Shoes

It is especially true that when we put on a pair of shoes that have been selected specifically for a performance we are spending our money on so much more than just the style or practicality or the comfort. We are investing in a belief that these shoes will transform who we are and tap into our subconscious to reveal our hidden selves, mysterious, alluring, agile and seductive. 

Performance is all about becoming the dance and being the character that the music dictates to us, as such, if you are focused on your feet, the pain you feel, or the fact that they are too big and require constant adjustment to your natural rhythm, then you might as well have stayed at home. It takes time to find the right shoes, and so it is worth looking for a supplier that can tailor their designs to your feet.

How our women's slim heels came about

Fortunately, dancers all over the world can now access the game-changing designs Burju Perez innovated during her time as a professional dancer and choreographer, right here on her site, Burju Shoes. Since 2009, we have developed a range of shoes that deliver her trademark style and sophistication, but with one major element built into each pair – comfort.

It is the Holy Grail where dance shoes are concerned because all that movement, all the downward pressure on the feet, and the constant friction between shoe and skin ultimately must take its toll. Having been there and done that for years, Burju decided that if she was going to make her fashionable designs available to buy she wanted them to offer more than the traditional dance shoes, they had to bring a level of comfort that would elevate a dancer’s ability to move for hours without incurring the same discomfort she experienced in the past.

To date, our customers have been delighted with the women's dance shoes they bought from Burju Shoes. And so, regardless of what style you are looking for, rest assured that a comfy pair suitable to any style is right here waiting for you, too. Our shoes are fit for all styles of dance including, salsa, samba, bachata, Kizomba, the waltz, ballroom, pole dancing or the tango. 

How to wear our slim heels

At Burju Shoes, all of the dance shoes, regardless of whether they have a slim heel or a chunky heel, have been designed with athletic flexibility in mind. This means that when you are dancing you should feel the freedom to follow your creative intuition. We love the idea of pure dance, that is, dancing without restrictions and we hope that when you step into a pair of Burju Shoes this becomes a reality.

All our shoes can be worn either on the dance floor or socially, so when you shop with Burju Shoes, you are getting a product that is multi-purpose and comfortable in any setting. We look forward to dealing with you and creating shoes that will elevate your dancing to the next level and beyond.

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