Satin Dance Shoes

Professional dance shoes can be made from a number of different materials such as leather, satin, velvet and much more. The materials and the design of the shoe are key for developing a dance shoe that looks beautiful, fits comfortably and enhances balance as you dance. + Read more

Satin Dance Shoes

Satin Latin dance shoes are a fine pick for a ballroom dance shoe that will not only look incredible, but that will give you all the functionality and comfort you need for all of those quick and light moves needed for this style of dance.

At Burju Shoes we sell a wide variety of quality satin shoes in different sizes, styles, and designs. No two dancers are alike so why should their shoes be? With our wide selection of luxury satin shoes, you can be truly unique on the dance floor or find something that suits your dance costume perfectly.

Why Choose Satin Dance Shoes?

These shoes, like all of our other dance shoes, are specially designed to suit your natural foot shape, are perfectly balanced and lend extra strength and support in all the right places. Our satin ballroom shoes ranges specifically are the perfect choice for many types of dances and especially ballroom dancing for the following reasons;

Elegance - All of our satin shoes are crafted by expert designers to look exquisite, and the soft feel of this smooth fabric enhances the feel of charm and elegance.

Soft glow - Satin fabrics offer a soft glow which makes dancers look stunning on the dance floor.

Stand out from the crowd - These beautiful shoes with their soft shine are bound to draw plenty of attention to your feet so judges can keep track of all of those fine movements and steps with ease.

A wide variety - We offer a wide variety of dance shoes to choose from including a selection of black satin dance shoe designs you can choose from. 

Quality - Satin isn’t just a beautiful material. The fabric is also of the finest quality, and your shoes are sure to stay in great condition through lots of wear and frequent use.

Care Tips for Satin Ballroom Dance Shoes

Like all satin dance shoes, your shoes probably won’t feel perfectly comfortable at first wear. All dance shoes first need to be broken in to suit your unique foot shape and size perfectly. Here are a few care tips that will help you keep your shoes in great condition.

  • Always ask an expert’s advice if you are not 100% sure about your foot size or about how a dance shoe should fit. The wrong fit could result in clumsy footwork and can cause pain and even damage to your foot’s muscles and bones.
  • When you first put on your shoes, wear them with thin socks in order to stretch the straps just a bit and to protect your feet from bruising. For particularly tight shoes you can also blow hot air onto the straps with a blow dryer to release tension and allow straps to expand.
  • Satin shoes should always be dry cleaned if they get overly dirty. You can, however, wipe down your shoes with a dampened cold cloth but always dry off the fabrics right after wiping your shoes down or wear them until they are completely dry. 

For more information on our satin shoes or for more care tips we welcome you to give our offices at Burju Shoes a call. We are more than happy to help you find the perfect shoe.

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