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Men's Swing Dance Shoes 

Dancing swing can be so much fun, but all those swings, swivels, twists and turns need a shoe that’s both flexible and supportive. Throwing and lifting your partner, flips and slides – all these moves require a stable base that won’t let you down at an inopportune moment. At Burju Shoes we understand what a dancer needs from a dance shoe, and that’s why we’ve produced an exceptional range of professional dance shoes for men, including our popular swing dance shoes. Our men’s dance shoes will enable you to kick and flick, swivel and slide, lift and flip with the ease and confidence that comes from having a professional pair of dance pumps on your feet. + Expand

Whether you’re a novice swing dancer or you’ve been dancing swing for years, you’ll find that our shoes provide all the support and comfort you need, all wrapped up in a stylish exterior. We have shoes for every dance occasion, from learning new steps and practicing routines to performing on stage or in competition. Whether you need replacement shoes for a dance workshop or you need an eye-catching style for a performance, you’ll find a superior selection of swing dance shoes for men at Burju.


Flick, Kick and Swivel to Your Heart’s Content

The swing style of dancing requires a great deal of energy, so it’s essential that you choose shoes that won’t impede your steps. All our swing dance shoes for men are designed to be lightweight and comfortable with ultra-comfort inners for extra support, a choice of vegan or leather uppers for stability and a choice hard street or suede soles. They’re not just perfect for performing flicks, kicks and swivels, but they’ll make sure that your feet have all the traction and support they need with just the right amount of slide. And whether you prefer a sleek, contemporary loafer style or you want a more traditional look with laces, our shoes will be the perfect foil for any dance outfit.

However, while our shoes have been specially designed to cope with the rigours and demands of high-octane dance steps, it doesn’t mean that they can only be worn by dancers. They make the perfect addition to any stylish shoe wardrobe and can be worn for all kinds of occasions from special events such as weddings, social dancing and as leisure footwear too. Choose from shoes with hard street soles that can be worn both in and out of the dance studio or select our specialist suede soles if you prefer to keep your shoes strictly for dancing.


Order Men’s Swing Shoes Online for Delivery Worldwide

Getting your feet into a pair of the finest swing shoes is easy when you buy from Burju Shoes. We offer an impressive selection of footwear in a variety of styles, materials and sole types. But what they all have in common is their superior quality and the fact that they have been designed with dancing in mind. Our shoes are guaranteed to make dancing so much easier, although we can’t promise that they’ll turn you into a champion overnight! 

For your convenience, our footwear is available for delivery worldwide; with US orders taking between 3- 5 working days. Unfortunately, if you live outside the US you’re going to have to be a little more patient before you can try out your new dancing shoes. 

Isn’t it time you found out why Burju Shoes are loved by social and professional dancers all over the world?

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