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Men's Drew Shoes

Regardless of how difficult it can sometimes be to find the right kind of boots or trainers or shoes, finding the right dance shoes is a whole other ball game. Male dancers know that with the focus primarily on your dance partner in terms of the style she brings to the dance floor, there are so many more options available where footwear is concerned.+ Expand

As such, here at BurjuShoes.com, we want to offer a loafer to male dancers that give them everything they need at an affordable price. We have Drew shoes on sale right now with up to 50% off their normal price tag.

A Burju Shoes men’s dance loafer is not only a thing of beauty that comes with a suede sole, standard heel, and an ultra comfortable inner sole, but the velvet details really give this product a superior look that will set you apart from all your peers. Timeless and classy are the order of the day for male ballroom dancers and that’s exactly what you get with our Drew loafer.

But, as we all know the fit is vital to you performing at your best. With this in mind, all of our Drew dance shoes can be ordered a half size down for a narrower fit and a half size up for a wider fit. And for those wondering about color and style, at BurjuShoes.com, you can choose between black patent leather, red patent and black triangle.


Tips to Break in New Shoes

Dance shoes are different from all other shoes, but there are a few handy things to consider when you are buying and breaking them in.

If you are planning to avail of a consultation and customized fitting at our showroom in Methuen, Massachusetts, consider that after a nights rest your feet are back to their most slender. As such, after some walking and dancing, your feet will expand a little, not by very much, but sometimes it is best to fit shoes in the afternoon so that you’re getting a good sense of what shoe will fit you best.

Once you have your shoes it is always recommended that you wear them at regular intervals around the house, just to get used to them and allow the material to stretch a little. Shoehorns are useful to stretch a persistent heel.

Men’s Drew shoes are a little more special than your average leather loafer, and so when you have finished your practice, rather than put them away, it is always best to wipe them down with a soft, dry cloth and then give them a quick polish. You want the polish to condition the leather as it cools, and so applying it while the leather is still warm is advisable, because it will sink in a lot easier at a higher temperature.

Where hygiene is concerned, we know you wouldn’t, but it is best not to stow sweaty or used socks in your shoes. You don’t want any odor transfer and damp socks can be damaging to the leather.


The best for less

At BurjuShoes.com, we appreciate the importance of male dancers and the sense of control and elegance they bring to the dance floor. As such, we are determined to supply premium quality dance shoes that will enhance your performance. Leading specialists in design and manufacture have played their part in creating the Drew shoes we have on sale to ensure that you can access the most stylish, functional and comfortable dance shoes in the market, and at the best prices possible.

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