How To Buy The Perfect Dancing Shoe

Posted by Burju Shoes on Dec 26th 2018

How To Buy The Perfect Dancing Shoe

How to Buy the Perfect Dancing Shoe

If you’ve had it with buying beautiful shoes that kill your feet, or comfortable shoes that are downright unattractive, you’ve come to the right place. Burju shoes are made for dancers, by dancers. Whether you’re blowing up the dance floor or dancing in the street, these award-winning, Dancing With The Stars-featured, elegant and agreeable shoes can take you there.

With Burju you never face the dilemma of choosing between style and comfort.

Can You Really Buy Good-Fitting Dancing Shoes Online?

Yes, you can definitely buy a stunning pair of high-quality and well-fitting dance shoes. We believe in perfection, and we go out of our way to ensure that our shoes meet your standards. We believe in the quality of our product, and we show this confidence by giving buyers online guarantees like these:

Returns and Exchanges


If the shoe fits, you are good to go. If for any reason your shoes do not fit the way you want them to, send them back in new, unused condition within 30 days for a refund. Our 30 Day Bound-to-Make-You Smile return process takes a matter of minutes from your online account.

Simply print your order invoice from the product detail in your account’s Orders tab. Submit your return from the same page by clicking the Return button in the Actions section under Shipping Details. Fill out a simple form, and we will email you with the return instructions. Mail the shoes and a copy of your invoice to the provided address. You’ll automatically receive a full refund three to five days after we receive your returned shoes.


We offer the Easy Exchange option on our website. For faster service, print your invoice from the Orders section of your Burju account page. Click Returns on the lower right-hand column of the page. Fill the form. In the Comments section put all the relevant information for your exchange. Tell us where you want us to ship to and the following details for the new pair:

  • Color
  • Heel height
  • Heel style
  • Shoe style
  • Size
  • Sole

Once you’ve submitted your exchange request, we’ll get back with you with shipping instructions. After we’ve received your return, we’ll process your exchange within three to five business days. We even provide shipping notifications to let you know when your shoes have shipped.

Product Warranty

All Burju dance shoes come with a no-questions-asked damage protection warranty. Your satisfaction with our shoes is our primary concern. Whether the damage to your shoe is big or small, we work with you to fix the issue. Claiming the shoe warranty is easy. There aren’t any hoops to dance through. If your shoe becomes damaged, send us an email.

For more information about our no-questions-asked damage protection policy, visit our Satisfaction Guarantee page on our website.


Will Burju Shoes Really Fit Your Feet?

True-To-Size Fitting

Burju shoes are all about helping you find your most authentic style without compromising comfort. Creating the perfect fit is the foundation Burju is built upon. Our US dance shoe sizing always runs true-to-size.

Other brands of shoes have variation with shoe sizing, which can make finding your true shoe size a confusing ordeal. Many of us aren’t even sure what our true shoe size is. We’ll help you find your true shoe size.

Guide to Measuring Your Foot

When buying Burju, it’s important to know your true size. It’s not enough to compare the labels of other shoes. We have a complete Guide to Measuring Your Foot to help you find your true shoe size, thus enabling you to find the best shoe for your feet. Check out our video below.

When Feet Are Two Different Sizes

As master shoe crafters, we know feet sometimes are not exactly the same size. The Guide To Perfect Fitting Burju Shoes provides information on how to buy the right size of Burju shoes when your feet aren’t identical.

After following the instructions to measure your feet, you’ll learn your maximum size and your minimum size. The maximum size, minimum size, toe and shoe styles will help you determine which shoe size to buy.

Narrow or Wide Feet

We offer many styles of beautiful, fine-crafted, and comfortable dance shoes regardless of your feet width. Some of the most popular styles come with adjustable width. The Guide To Perfect Fitting Burju Shoes offers tips for how to size shoes when feet are narrow or wide.

Heel Height Guide

If you want a visual for how high a heel will look before buying, check out our Women’s Heel Chart. The heel chart will show you what to expect before buying. We also provide instructions for how to accurately measuring heel heights.


We at Burju know dance is the ultimate expression. Dance shoes are an extension of the individuality each dancer brings to the floor. To fully express yourself, we offer a wide variety of customization options for your perfect pair of Burju dance shoes.

Burju Custom offers a selection of color options, heel choices, and soles suitable for either the street or the dance floor—all with the Burju guarantee of supreme stylishness and maximum comfort. Custom-made Burju shoes are not eligible for refund or returns; we recommend finding your true size before buying our customized shoes.


How Do You Order Burju Dancing Shoes?

With endless styles and options to choose from the process buying Burju shoes is the easy part!

Once you have found the shoe style you want and have selected all the shoe features, press Add To Cart. A pop-up will appear giving you the option to Continue Shopping or Proceed to Checkout. To order multiple pairs of Burju shoes, hit the Continue Shopping button and repeat the process. To complete your order, click Proceed to Checkout.

To view your cart at any time while shopping, simply click the shopping bag icon at the top right corner of the page. Fill out the provided form, and we are good to go. We accept all major credit cards, PayPal, and Amazon Pay.


Buying the perfect pair of dance shoes online is possible with Burju. We have you and your feet covered with our customer satisfaction guarantees, refund and exchange options, and helpful tools to find your perfect size. Forget choosing between style and comfort: shop Burju shoes.

How To Buy The Perfect Dancing Shoes